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Machine Shop

Here at Weldmech we are still very old school with our machine shop; we don’t operate any CNC equipment as most of our work is one-off jobs and we mainly carry out repair work or we are modifying an old broken part.

If you are looking for a one-off job or just “a little bit off of there” then you have found the right place! We don’t mind if you just need a hole drilled or you need a broken part re-made or repaired. We welcome work from all backgrounds and are more than happy to work on parts of a steam engine or any other restoration job or something that is brand new or even in the prototype stage.

Lathe work

Turning : Dean Smith and Grace 2415 X 70
24” over the bed, 15” over cross slide, 70” between centers

Dean Smith and Grace 1910T X 40
19” over the bed, 10” over cross slide, 40” between centers

Dean Smith and Grace 13 X 42
13” over the bed, 7” over cross slide, 42” between centers

Herbert No 7 Capstan

Milling : Cincinnati cindeo 310-14 Vertical
Table size 65” x 14

Cincinnati cindeo 315-16 universal with powered overarm
Table size 65” x 16”

Slotting : Butler 14′ Slotting machine

One off production parts

Drilling : Asquith 6′ ODI 1 Radial arm drill Morse taper 5

Meddings pillar drill morse taper 3

Sawing : Amada 650 HD
Max cut 650mm, 0 – 45 degree swivel arm

Precision drill repair