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Weldmech regularly repair earth moving equipment buckets. We will travel to your site or yard to carry out repairs. If we need to, we may also carry out the repairs in our machine workshop.  

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The most common welding to be done on-site is manual metal arc (MMA).


This is mainly due to the ease of use on-site because you don’t have to worry about a shielding gas and it will cope with the parent materials being slightly dirty or rusty. However, if possible it is good practice to have the joint free of contaminants as a better quality weld can be achieved. MMA is a very good process for positional welding; this means that good quality welds can be achieved without the need to turn the component or machine.

"We can machine pins, bushes and modify hammer brackets to meet your requirements."

Flux cored welding is the fastest way to weld on-site this process works by connecting a wire feed unit to the welder generator and using an open arc wire/self shielded wire. You now have a welder that can nearly match the speeds of a conventional MIG welder. This process is ideally suited to jobs where large welds are needed on things like tip adaptor replacement on excavator buckets or cutting edge replacement on excavator buckets. This process is also very efficient for hard facing, again using open arc wire/self shielded wire large deposits can be achieved, especially when using large diameter wires.

Nothing is too much trouble for Weldmech and no job is too big or too small. When you need us, talk to us, we give friendly advice.


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Where speed counts

TIG welding can be carried out on-site, but this process requires a shielding gas so has to be done inside a building or tent.


TIG welding is generally used for pipe welding. It’s a slow process, so unless absolutely necessary it’s not used on-site. The other main use of TIG welding is to weld aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

Then there is TIG welding

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