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Should we need to use it, Weldmech has its own machine workshop with lathes, mills, drills and a slotting machine, so we have everything covered.

Mobile welding at its best in Holcombe


Our welders are highly trained and experienced in repairing and modifying excavator and earthmoving equipment buckets, from a simple crack to hanger bracket modifications.


If you have a badly damaged or worn bucket it may not be as bad as you think!  Where the back of the bucket is badly worn, plates can be added to help nurse the bucket on. Cutting edges and tip adaptors can be easily replaced too because we have all the essential equipment for quick and easy removal and replacement.


Need to make changes to the hanger brackets? We can remove and replace brackets or we may be able to adapt the ones already on the bucket, quickly and easily to suit any application.


One of the best ways to protect your buckets from wear is to hardface them. We can do this quickly and easily by either using one of our workshop welders with a hardfacing solid MIG wire, or we can do it on-site using flux cored wire with our mobile welder and wire feed unit.

Excavator & earth moving equipment bucket repairs

• Earth moving equipment      • Piling rigs

• Excavator buckets                  • Scrap re-handling equipment

• Mini diggers                            • Recycling equipment

• Various heavy welding          • Crushing and screening equipment

"We have a 500amp MIG welder which allows us to put down very large welds."

Whether it’s a simple crack or a complete modification - whatever the problem is - we will do our best to give you a cost effective repair in the quickest time possible, so you can have your equipment operational again.


We are always available to discuss your personal requirements.



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