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Weldmech carry out aluminium welding repairs from small motorbike castings to replacing a floor in a large vehicle. Need to get your commercial vehicle back on the road? Call Weldmech immediately for a fast, mobile welding service.

Aluminium welding repair experts


Weldmech carry out a variety of aluminium welding work, from repairs to a small motor bike casting to replacing a floor in a bulk tipping trailer. Have you got drawings for your welding work? We also fabricate aluminium items using your drawings like loading ramps, tool boxes or modifications to your existing equipment.

Commercial vehicle and aluminium welding repairs

• Vehicle floors

• Vehicle sides

• Bodywork

• Cracks

• Accidental damage

• Motorbike casting

• Loading ramps

• Tool boxes

• Equipment modifications

• Bulk tipping trailers

• Specification drawing welding


"If you need aluminium plates to be folded or formed, this is no trouble"

We have the most up-to-date equipment for welding aluminium including two pulse MIG welders; a small 320amp compact machine, ideal for putting up in the back of commercial vehicles; a 500amp machine for all those larger jobs, or jobs that require higher amps for a long period of time; and we have a 300amp AC/DC TIG welder, which is brilliant for all those smaller jobs or jobs that MIG isn’t suitable for.

Advice on aluminium welding repairs and fabrication always available.



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Our welding includes:

Up-to-date equipment

Aluminium strips welded to the inside of a vehicle